Thank you for visiting my gallery. I hope you enjoy looking at my photos. It's always good to know what people think of them so please feel free to leave comments. Feedback and suggestions are welcome on both my images and galleries, so long as they're constructive.

I haven't been learning photography for very long so I don't really expect anyone to want to buy my photos, and this website hasn't been set up for that. Also, high resolution images, suitable for printing can't be downloaded or shared. However, if you would like any of my photos please contact me. There's a button to email me below.

I also write a blog from time to time, usually when my husband and I are on holiday. If you would like to know more about where my photos have been taken on recent trips, you can visit the blog via the Wordpress button below.

Thank you

Louisa x

Louisa Crossley

Wife, pharmacist, medical writer and hiker. Aspiring photographer, runner and kayaker